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Tuesday 17 March 2020

Business as Usual!

From reading FB posts, I see that many shops are scrambling to get their wares online so that their sales can continue. Did you know that Sew Karen-ly Created has had online ordering since 1993? Yes, you read that correctly – 1993, 27 YEARS! (Robin Hood flour didn’t go online until 1997!) I honestly believe I have the oldest, continually running quilt-related website in Canada. Originally it was just my patterns, but since then I’ve added two of my books, and a HUGE selection of my beloved Aurifil thread. (The other books I’ve worked on are available through Amazon, if you are interested: Patchwork Panache, Sew It In A Weekend, Through The Year Quilts, Quilts For Babies & Kids, Full Size Bed Quilts, America From the Heart, The Best Of Scrap Quilting Made Easy, Quilt Style, Weekend Quilts and Projects, Quick & Easy Sewing For Christmas, Quick & Easy Scrap Quilting, Country Christmas Quilting, Scrap Quilting Made Easy, Easy Denim Quilting). In addition to mail-out print patterns, many are available in pdf format for instant download. I use two different secure payment interfaces for credit cards, Square or Paypal (your choice). If you prefer not to use your credit card online, I also take payment through e-transfer. Just email your order  and I will send an invoice and payment instructions. I have experience working with several carriers, including Canada Post, Maritime Bus, and MBW Courier. If you are in Amherst, I am happy to pop your order in your mailbox. 

Normally at this time of year, I am preparing for in-person vending opportunities at pop-up shops, quilt shows, and workshops but with those venues cancelled, it’s all now online, and we are ready! My many happy repeat customers are testament to trustworthy personal service. Order with confidence, it's business as usual here, and we know how to do this!
Did I mention free shipping on orders over $150.?  Just enter this code: FREE150
Books and patterns are here: OR

Keep calm and quilt on!


  1. Online is a great way for us to have the goodies needed, specially if we have to self isolate. Here, I have threads, fabric and more all stacked up in case we get to the stage where we HAVE to isolate. Love the facts about your online dates, and now with email, Paypal, and all else so easy. we can all have what we need or WANT so easily. Stay safe up North. greetings form down south in NZ. ( where overseas friends and family will not be flying in)

  2. Way to go, are definitely organised!