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Thursday, 21 February 2019

We Have Thread - Glorious Thread!

It's so exciting when the boxes of Aurifil you have been (im)patiently waiting for finally arrive, and you open them up to find...
...all of this!  Do you see what's there in the middle?!?
Kaffe Collective thread sets!! These collections are a hot ticket item and won't last long in the shop. These are the 50 and 80 weight sets; the 12 weight Kantha Collection is on its way as well.
Glorious Handwork is a collection of 20, very fine 80 weight threads. The 80 weight is wonderful for hand work (like English Paper Piecing) but it also works well in the machine. I have recently used it to quilt on silk, as well as on batik.  It adds the texture of quilting without distracting from the fabric.
Look at the colours. ♥♥♥♥♥♥
 This is the 50 weight set, a go-to collection perfect for both piecing and quilting.
Variegated threads are also in high demand, and this set by Michele Scott comes in two sizes.  It's a 12 weight thread, which can be used for hand or machine quilting.
Back in stock are these 50 weight sets from Tula Pink.

There are also new variegated colours in individual spools, both 50 and 12 weight and a couple of new collections of 80 weight thread, as well as new colours in individual spools. You can see everything here.
AND...there is another carton of the thread/case specials! You get a spool of 50 weight white thread plus a case which holds 12 spools for $14.99.  Normally the cases are $9.95 and the thread is $13., so this is a great deal.  These sold out in less than a day last time, so if you are interested please don't wait too long to order.
I am working away at adding the new stock to the website, which you can find here.  Please note that the prices you see in your cart INCLUDE the sales tax.  We ship across Canada, and if you are local, or passing through Amherst, I am happy to arrange pick-up so you avoid shipping charges.   On this snowy, grey day this thread has been a glorious explosion of colour.


  1. Oh they are so beautiful, if I lived there I would find it so hard to resist having every one. And those colours all fit so well with Kaffee fabrics.

  2. They're like candy! So pretty and perfect. I love all the colours on this grey day.

  3. I want one!!! I need to check with Linda to see if she's getting any, so we can share shipping. Or see when either one of us might be heading to Amherst.

  4. Such pretty those variegateds!