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Friday, 30 November 2018

Aurifil For Christmas!

Just on the cusp of December, we have new threads which have arrived at the shop!  In addition to refilling the stock of basic colours in the individual spools, there are also some of the brand new collections introduced at Quilt Market this fall.
My favourite among these is this group of 50 weight variegated, curated by Tula Pink. I love how these multi-coloured threads quilt.
 The collection comes in two sizes.  One contains 12 large spools, and the smaller contains 10 spools
TULA PINK PREMIUM COLLECTION  includes colours 4660 – 4668 – 4656 – 4658 – 4653 – 3320
4662 – 4647 – 2843 – 4060 – 5004 – 4670
 This collection is available from my shop for $139.00 + tax. 
The smaller collection  contains the following 10 colours: 4660 – 4668 – 4656 – 4658 – 4653
3320 – 4662 – 4647 – 4670 – 4060
This collection is available at the excellent price of $43.00 + tax.  What a perfect gift!
If you like, I am happy to gift wrap your purchase and mail it directly to the gift recipient, with a tag marked from you.  How easy is that? :)

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