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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Festival Threads

I love it when a new shipment of Aurifil thread comes in!  These have arrived just in time for the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival, in town next week. 
 There are lots of cones in both 40 and 50 weight Mako cotton, perfect for both piecing and quilting.
Paula Nadelstern's "Deep Gems" collection is restocked; this one keeps selling out!  This perennial favourite has deep, rich, colours.  I love every shade in that box!
The "Kansas Troubles" collection is another favourite.

New this time, are 80 weight cotton threads.  This thread comes wound on charming cherry wood spools, each containing 300 yards of thread. The spools are available individually, or in a collection which offers savings per spool.
The Carolyn Friedlander Appliqué collection has a lovely assortment of colours, and this super fine thread is wonderful for English Paper Piecing,as well as hand or machine appliqué.
I've even quilted with it, with great success.  It looks fabulous on silk: (the 80 weight is the plume at the top)

From now on, for me it will be the go-to thread for hand binding;  it virtually disappears into the fabric.
The threads have now all been added to the online store, and I am happy to mail across Canada.  If you are in town next week for the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival, I will have all the threads available at the Zonta Bazaar on Saturday, October 13, 10 - 4, at the Colonel James Ralston Armoury, 36 Acadia Street, Amherst.  Mrs Pugsley Emporium also graciously allows me to drop any orders down to her quilt shop for pick up there.  To do this, complete your order online and indicate in the comment field that you would like to pick them up at the quilt shop (50 Victoria Street E, across from Tim Horton's).  If you are accidentally charged shipping, no worries, I will promptly refund it to your card.
Hope to see you all next week!


  1. I can see why the "Deep Gems" might sell out. It is bourgeois! Have fun at the festival next week.

  2. Yummy yummy threads! The countdown is on...

  3. Sorry and sad that I won't be able to visit during NSFAF. First time missing since 2010.(when we first met in person) Have fun with your classes and sell lots of thread at Zonta.