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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Last Call!

Tomorrow begins a new month - a super busy month! - so today is "last call" for students to sign up for the Beginner Feathers workshop at this year's Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival.  There are two spots left. Below is the sample we will stitch:
You will be provided with various weights of beautiful Aurifil thread so that you can see the effects each has.  I am particularly fond of stitching with the 12 weight:
There is more information and a registration button on this page. Come join us, for a very relaxed, no pressure class.
This week, in preparation for the festival, I will be setting up a display of my Island Batik quilts in a downtown store window.  I am also putting in the last touches for my October Ambassador project, beginning to get November's well as working on a project for Quilt Market. Later this week, a big order of Aurifil thread is arriving...and somewhere in there, is a Thanksgiving meal to prepare! (The pumpkin pie was such a disaster last year, I am not sure anyone wants me to try that again...:) Thankfully, I quilt better than I bake...


  1. Shame it's so far......I would love to do your class, Karen!

  2. Hurray! Your class is almost full. That’s great. Wish I was free to take it!