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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Some Pretty Quilting

This month, I will be participating in a blog hop with the other Island Batik Ambassadors where we show off the quilts made with their new fabric collections.  I used up nearly every inch of my collection, and made a rather large quilt.  Normally, I quilt all my pieces myself on my domestic Bernina but I couldn't face basting this behemoth in all this heat.  Even though it's been a dozen or more years since I have sent a quilt out, I knew I wanted it done by West Branch Quilt Studio.  The very talented Denise White does beautiful work - custom, or with one of her 150+ pantographs.  I often admire her work in quilt shows.
Denise and I chatted over the quilting, and I went with her suggestions for a suitable motif.  The wide backing came from Mrs Pugsley's Emporium;  it's a soft lilac with a grey feathery swirl.  40 weight Aurifil thread in Dove Grey 2600 was a perfect match, and Denise used it top and bottom as it blended well with all the colours.
 It's always hard to get a good photo of the back, but trust me when I say it's very pretty.
Polly likes it, too :)
You can email Denise by clicking the link on her name, or find her on Face Book.  She has a brochure available, and is happy to give a quote for her beautiful work.
I invite you to check back this week for links to giveaways and posts by all the Island Batik Ambassadors.  

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  1. If Polly giver her seal of approval we know it's comfortable! Looking forward to seeing the other side......