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Sunday, 18 March 2018

How Much Thread To Quilt A Quilt?

Did you ever wonder how much thread it takes to quilt a quilt?  I've discovered that as a general rule of thumb, 1000 m of thread will cover a Queen-sized quilt with a medium amount of quilting. If you are adding lots of dense quilting, you may need more like 1500 m.  Let's use this scrap quilt (more pics here) from last year as an example.  It's around 90" x 100", and had a lot of seams.
To keep it puffy, it was quilted in the seam ditch of each strip (2" x 6") in the top, and in the piano key border (1" keys).  A feather was free-motioned up the plain 4" borders. That's a fair amount of quilting.
I used a new, large spool of Aurifil #2314, 50 weight, in both my needle and bobbin. These spools contain 1300 m of thread.
When I finished, I had this much left  - maybe 150 meters.
 Those large spools of Aurifil really go a long way! 


  1. That is good to know, as I am sure so many of us think... That will be enough, and find it is a tad too short. Love that colour thread, it would blend in so well with many shades.

  2. That thread is a lovely warm colour.....I can see it blending with many fabrics.

  3. Great quilt and loved hearing how much thread it used. I am always struggling to figure it I know! Thank you!