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Friday, 31 March 2017

A Kid In A (Canadian) Candy Store!

I've been steadily working away on a commissioned piece and I am almost finished.  I like to reward myself at the end of each big project, so today I tooled off to Mrs Pugsley's Emporium.  I've been watching their Facebook page and knew they had lots of new fabrics in this week...lots of Canadian themed fabrics, as we are celebrating our sesquicentennial this year.
I bought a nice selection because this opportunity to purchase Canadiana doesn't often exist. Naturally I started with hockey fabric:)  It was fun to read the jersey numbers and connect them to the players' names.
 This panel has the coat of arms of Canada, as well as the flag of Nova Scotia.  Had to have that!
 There was a print with the flags of all the provinces and territories. Nova Scotia is right in the middle.
Another panel, looking very flag like, printed on top of the words to O Canada. Beautiful. These are Robert Kaufman fabrics, designed by Harper's, and will coordinate with Kona solids.

This is my favourite; I hope to use some of it this afternoon.

There were also new pins and charms, and a couple of those came home with me too: this Featherweight pin is appropriate (I own 4 Featherweights!).
The little charm is a hand-crank machine (I have one of those, too!)  Not sure if it will go on a chain, or on a bracelet.

Do you reward yourself at the end of each project?  It's my solution to UFO's!


  1. I don't usually reward myself on completion of a project, but maybe I should. It might help my UFO pile go down.

  2. Does Mrs Pugsley ship overseas? I have friends in N.S. and that panel would be perfect for a gift for them.

    1. Yes, Nancy, Mrs Pugsley's does mail-order. You can contact the shop directly to ask details: You won't be disappointed!

  3. What great fabrics, and how very Canadian! No, I don't reward myself but perhaps I should. I shall start doing so.

  4. Such fun fabrics, Karen! They will make beautiful projects no matter what you make! I don't really reward myself for completing a project. But I do enjoy that wonderful feeling of accomplishment. First morning to awaken in central Maine, there is 5" of snow on the ground, and it's still coming down. Is it too late to turn around and retrace my steps ;)! Enjoy your weekend! XO

  5. Good to know what your secret is. No UFOs at all? That's amazing!

  6. What fun you had Karen! You scored some great fabrics! I hope to stop in to Mrs. P's on Thursday....

  7. What perfect fabric! I love it! I have joined a UFO group at my guild. We submit 5 UFOs at a year and have a 2-month deadline to complete. The organizer puts each member who completes their UFO into a raffle. It's fun. I won a book in January.