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Saturday 8 October 2016

Ribbon Winner

Marilyn Eparvier continues to wow judges with her version of "Florentine".  First, it was juried as a semi-finalist at the prestigious AQS show, and now she has won a coveted first place blue ribbon at the West Michigan Quilt Guild 2016 show.  With over 500 members in this guild, it had lots of competition. 

The judges were very impressed with Marilyn's work.
Thank you Marilyn for sharing your good news.  It's a proud moment for sure when that blue ribbon gets pinned on your quilt!


  1. Marilyn, thanks for letting us see your fabulous quilt, and congrats for the blue ribbon. Fabric, design and quilting,all in that 100% and so much more category. As grandson says, at University here in NZ, it cannot get better than an " A Plus" mark.

  2. That quilt is stunning. No wonder it won a blue ribbon! Congrats to Marilyn!