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Sunday 14 August 2016

AQS Quilt Week - Grand Rapids

AQS Quilt Week at Grand Rapids, MI, is now a sweet memory for Marilyn Eparvier, who was honoured to see her Florentine hang at the show. (You can see the complete list of semi-finalists here.) I just love how her quilt looks against the black curtains - it almost glows!
And speaking of's a shot of Marilyn with her quilt - tired, but happy, after her long week of volunteering.
Sincerest congratulations, Marilyn!


  1. Congratulations, Marilyn. Your quilt is lovely.

  2. It's beautiful Marilyn. Congrats! Thanks for sharing it with us Karen.

  3. Congratulations, Marilyn! Your quilt is stunning.

  4. It is a beautiful piece. Congratulations Marilyn.

  5. Nice job Mom! It's one of your best quilts yet.