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Monday, 24 August 2015

Super Bees

Lots of you really seem to enjoy hearing about the honeybees so I thought I would share something which has impressed the heck out of us.  I've mentioned that the bees have struggled through our last two very long and difficult winters.  They got off to a shaky start this spring as the season was so late arriving, but they have done an incredible job getting themselves back on track.  Even in this wicked hot and humid weather we've been having the past couple of weeks, the bees have been industriously making honey. 
We keep a close eye on their progress and add honey supers as needed.  Yesterday we added a SIXTH honey super to this one hive, giving it the distinction of having the most supers EVER since hubby started beekeeping, about 20 years ago. His previous record was 5.
You can see how much ahead it is, compared to the other hives.  Some others have 3 honey supers on, which is a good effort.  But 6 - wow!  The season is almost over, as usually we take the honey off by the end of August.  It's probably a good thing there isn't more time...or hubby might need a ladder to harvest the crop!


  1. Yes, I'm one of those who like to hear about the bees. And it's particularly nice to see a good news story about bees thriving. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How exciting! You have very happy bees!

  3. How appropriate! Saturday was National Honeybee Day.
    Happy belated Honeybee Day!

  4. Yay!! SO glad they have finally had a good season. Hope this means I might be able to get a bottle of honey this fall!?

  5. Good news about bees is excellent, as they seem to be not doing so well in many parts of the world......hopefully your honey is as delicious as always!

  6. Oh, me, me. I love hearing all about the bees. Wish I were closer and could taste that honey. Work away bees!

  7. Thanks for the bee update Karen.They are such industrious social creatures.