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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Funny How It all Works Sometimes!

An email this week really made me was from Marjorie in Sarnia, Ontario who sent along two pictures of Maritime Beauties she had made.  She made this beauty from her batik stash, but it wasn't just the quilt that made me smile, it was her story.
About five years ago, Marjorie et al were returning from a camping trip to Newfoundland, and on the ferry struck up a conversation with a fellow passenger who was also a quilter. That quilter turned out to be someone I knew, BevCrouse.  When Marjorie mentioned they were headed to a campground near Amherst and that she was looking for something to quilt that would be a reminder of the trip, Bev directed them to Dayle’s department store to buy one of my patterns. She chose Maritime Beauty.  It took her a bit of time to finish her quilt, but when she did, she showed her friend in Calgary who immediately asked for one. Marjorie dipped in to her batik stash again and came up with this one for Donna, similar but not identical.  
Donna's version:

Marjorie's projects are beautiful and as she says, "a delight to make!"   Thanks so much, Marjorie, for sharing the pictures of your work as well as the story behind your project.  (and thanks, Bev,for recommending my pattern!). The pattern is available for purchase on my website  or as an instant download through Craftsy
You never know when a chance meeting will connect you to a quilter...we're everywhere! :)