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Saturday 23 August 2014

An Embroidered Beauty

Diane Zdep from Alberta has been busily quilting up some beauties, including this one. Gorgeous!
Diane writes:  "I love this pattern I bought from you. This is my walk on the wild side with the centre machine embroidered using fall colors. It sure was a lot of fun to do. I love putting my own spin on things." The pattern for Oriental Beauty is designed with an easy method of appliquing the curves but Diane, who has no issue with curved seams, stitched hers the regular way.
Thanks so much for sending the photo Diane.  I know you are stitching away on a few more surprises, and I hope we get to see those soon!
You can find pattern # 209 for Oriental Beauty on my website, or ask for it at your local quilt shop.


  1. Just gorgeous!! The pattern I bought from you, Rhythmic, is getting further and further up the list!! Hope to be working on it soon. I'm very excited to get it started.

  2. What a good idea......if you didn't have an embroidery machine the centre could be fussy-cut!

  3. Those are great colour choices. Looks like a sunflower to me, and there can never be too many of those.