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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I Love Surprises!

This morning the mailman delivered an envelope with an unfamiliar return address, from Fredericton N.B. Hmmm...who could it be from? The picture of holly on the front of the card was a bit of a giveaway, as I recognized it from this blog post. It was from Linda. (Can you tell I love holly?)
When I opened the card, a little tissue wrapped packet slipped out. I wonder what's inside?
Saint Nick! I had been hopeful of winning this fellow when Linda had a give away on her blog but alas, I was not successful. Well...until now! He is absolutely beautiful, pictures really do not convey how exquisite these sticheries are.
Saint Nick is alreay hanging on the tree. Many thanks Linda for your thoughtfulness, and for providing a wonderful Christmas surprise.


  1. I'm so glad you like him! I've been a busy little stitcher and got several of these in the mail to some special blogging friends. One is yet to be received, but it had further to go. Hope it reaches it's destination before the 25th. I still have several more I'm working on for local friends... Glad you liked the Holly card too- that photo was taken in late November in a neighbour's yard just do0wn the street from me...

  2. That is so nice. That Linda H. is such a good egg. She made me the same Santa last year, and he really makes me smile when I look at him on my tree. My Santa has a bit of a different hat, and is every bit as nice as yours... We could be part of a Linda H. Santa Club!!