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Friday, 28 August 2009

Show Me More!

Another Selvedge Tote from the "Show Me" state - Missourians (?) sure live up to their motto!

Darlene Sforza of O'Fallon loves purple, so her bag is trimmed in purple check with matching lining and handles. She has a couple more planned as Christmas gifts, and will keep sewing until her selvedge supply runs out. Sounds like me...what a great incentive for us to keep buying fabric! Darlene has previously made a Purple Zinger selvedge quilt so it sounds as though she goes through quite a bit of fabric.
Thanks so much Darlene for sharing the picture of your gorgeous tote bag.


  1. I was just checking some quilt links when I came across your site and I am really impressed here with all the things I see ,so I will be stopping by often to see what you are up to.
    BUT I have to tell is fall here now and so things are losing their bright colors, so when I saw this bag of Darlene Sforza's just yelled " SPRING Time" with the lovley colors and that purple just sets it off!!! This is so pretty I can't wait to make some of them too :)))
    Tracy :))

  2. Beautiful colours in that bag - love the purple, it really makes the selvedges sing!