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Sunday, 14 December 2008

Quick Christmas Project: Patchwork Sachet

Patchwork Sachet
Here’s a quick and simple idea that can be used to dress up a package, a tree, or as a sachet in a room or drawer. This one is made from cotton and lamé and filled with scented rose hips; hung on hooks or doorknobs, it will impart a Christmassy scent throughout your house.
I buy the rose hips every year at Mrs. Pugsley’s Emporium, located on Victoria Street in Amherst. These rose hips are one of the few scented things that don’t make me sneeze! At Mrs. Pugsley, the rose hips are kept in a big enamel bowl on the front counter. They are scooped out and sold by the pound.

Finished Size of Sachet: 3-1/2” square
Materials Required:
Gold lamé centre: 1-1/2” sq
6 strips green, 1” x 4” long
3 strips cream 1” 4” long
4" square backing (I used lamé to match centre)
10” thin gold cord
1 tassel
Sewing thread to match
The block is constructed in the manner of a Courthouse Steps Log Cabin. Sew a green 1” strip to top and bottom of 1-1/2” gold centre square. Trim ends. Press.
Sew green 1” strips to both sides of gold centre. Trim and press as before. Add cream strips next in same order - top/bottom then sides, trimming square after each addition.
Continue in this manner, adding the second strip of green to the outside in the same order as before. Trim ends even and press block.
Lay block face down on backing. Sew together on 3 sides, leaving 3” opening on 4th side to turn. Turn right side out. Fill with rose hips.

Hand sew opening closed. Tie cord into a loop. Attach tassel and hanging loop to opposite corners of the block with a few hand stitches. I used a tassel cut from a length of braid.
Ta da!

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