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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Spring Snow

I quilted snowflakes again today and Mother Nature chimed in with another blast of snow for us! (10 cm by the time it ends, if we can believe the weather people). I decided I had best hurry up and get this project off my table so spring can come. (who knew quilters held such power?! :)  The project is a practise piece  for an upcoming workshop on 60° diamonds.  I have lots of samples sewn from a previous presentation of this workshop, but I always do a trial run close to the workshop date so that things are fresh in my mind. You can't take anything for granted when you are teaching. I chose these gorgeous Hoffman snowflake  batiks.
This version is smaller than the one we will do on our workshop, but it covers the basic log cabin construction. Once the diamonds are stitched, the fun part is deciding the layout.  I tried it first with blue centres facing in, but decided I liked the light ones better.
 I love how my favourite shade of blue pops up so went with this arrangement.
Choosing thread was fun.  This is a variegated Aurifil (#4060) which goes from dark silver to very light and was perfect for the light batik.  I cut a snowflake out of card stock and traced around it for the centre quilting motif.
 The rest of the quilting was done completely free hand - mostly swirls.
 Hoffman C#123 Lapis is a perfect match for Aurifil 2725.
 I didn't use any sparkly threads as the batiks didn't seem to call for them.  They were gorgeous enough on their own, and a cotton thread was a good match.
It's too messy outside for a good picture so I took a couple inside.
The project came out a good size for a centrepiece - about 30" across.

Kate has suggested that perhaps if I quilted some flowers the weather might change.  We'll see if that works!

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  1. That's so pretty......and the quilting sets it off beautifully! Yes, perhaps flowers would be the way to go now with lots of cheerful yellow. And a touch of green....