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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Diane's Woodland Tree Skirt

What a rush to open an email and find it contains a picture of a beautiful quilt - it's like opening an early Christmas gift.  This version of my Woodland Forest Tree Skirt was made by Diane in Oregon who has done a masterful job in choosing her fabrics. The secondary design of star points radiating from the centre really pops against her trees of complementary colours.

Dine writes this: "Originally, when I was sharing the pattern and the fabric I'd selected with my mother (83) she didn't "see" the trees, her focus was drawn to the secondary design... so interesting, as I totally saw the trees.  So, I decided to try doing the secondary design in all one fabric, instead of the three (light, medium, and dark cream/gold).  It's hard to see in the photo, but the fabric I used has a cream background with a gold scrolled/filigree type design; I was hoping that keeping it all the same would make the trees "pop" more."  Mission accomplished!
You can see my original blog post on Woodland Forest by clicking the link.  The pattern is available from my website, your local quilt shop (ask them to order it in), or as an instant download through Craftsy, which is where Diane purchased her pattern.  Thanks so much Diane for sharing your beautiful work - your sister is going to love having this under her tree for many Christmases to come.


  1. What fun to see your design made up by someone else! If there were 20, side by side, made by different individuals, they'd all be different and they'd all be beautiful!