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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My sewing has been progressing at a very slow pace this summer...even though summer itself is moving along at breakneck speed.  I am still poking away at the little silk New York Beauty blocks. Despite the fact the blocks are only about 2" wide where they narrow, they take much longer to piece than a "normal" sized block...especially worked in silk.  This one is just for me though, so no deadline other than I would love to have it finished in time for my show at Fibre Arts Festival.

I also succumbed and bought some of the Hoffman "Narumi" which I have been ogling at Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium.  
How best to use the border print puzzled me for a bit but I like how it is working up into the spaces between the gold spikes.  There are three different gold prints being used for those.
The colour for the centres is still undecided.  My plan is to piece the blocks but not join them, then take them to the quilt shop to audition different fabrics for that centre spot.  Sounds like fun, wouldn't you say? :)


  1. Karen, playing with fabrics is always fun! I love love love that silk piece - wow. It looks like a garden.

  2. Sounds like a good plan to me Karen. That small silk piece is stunning... can't wait to see it "in person"...

  3. So beautiful! I have sewn with silk from neck ties. I love the feel of it! What ever you have done i hope to see it at festival.

  4. I do like the effect Karen. It is so much fun to play. Life is for both work and play. sometimes we forget.