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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Win- Win, Win-Win... Win!

I must be one of the least gadget-y people on the face of this earth. Honestly. I didn't even own a seam ripper until one came with my Bernina two years ago. Quilters are shocked to learn I use the same ruler for everything: 6-1/2" x 24" with 30°, 45° and 60° markings. (What else do you need?! :) There is one thing in my sewing studio which I swear by however, and would not want to be without: a teflon slider sheet for quilting. This sheet is placed on the bed of the machine to help reduce friction in free motion quilting. Being able to move the quilt sandwich freely helps greatly in achieving smooth stitches, and I want my stitching to be the best it can. For several years I have used a Supreme Slider which now is looking pretty ratty; I decided to treat myself to a new one. In the course of Googling the product, I stumbled across something called The Sew Slip II. It is similar to the Supreme Slider in what it does, but it does it oh so much better! For starters, you can see the Sew Slip II sheet is larger, 12" x 18" compared to 8 " x 11" for the Supreme Slider. That allows more of your quilt to easily slide around.
There are larger sizes of the Supreme Slider available...but at a correspondingly larger price (significantly more than the Sew Slip II.) One of the issues I have had with the Supreme Slider is that even though it is supposed to stay in place on its own, it doesn't. I have sewn through the sheet several times as you can see in the picture below. To hold it in place, I have had to tape it securely around all edges.
The Sew Slip II clings to the bed of the machine, no tape required. It isn't glue on the back of the sheet, but it feels tacky. This is the shiny back of the sheet.
The absolutely best thing about this Sew Slip II is the centre opening for the needle. My previous sheet had a small opening which covered the feed dogs but allowed the thread to pass through for stitching. This meant that when I switched back and forth between free motion and guided quilting (i.e. walking foot) - which I do often - I had to take my quilt off the machine, untape the sheet, remove it, pop the feed dogs up for stitching, take the quilt off the machine, and then tape the S. Slider back in place again to continue the free motion. The opening on the Sew Slip II was designed to accommodate the feed dogs, which means you can put this sheet in place and leave it there for all your stitching. BRILLIANT!!
It's a perfect fit. My feed dogs can move up and down as required.
Me being me, I went to the Sew Slip website for more information, and then emailed the company with even more questions. (I ask a lot of questions.) Nancy Hepp, the owner of Sew Slip, responded promptly and over the course of several emails very kindly and enthusiastically answered all my queries. I learned the sheet is extremely durable and may be cut with scissors (not your good ones!) to any size. It rolls up for storage and may be ironed if you like (it is Teflon, afterall). Nancy recommends occasionally rinsing it under running water to clear any loose threads...(or stray cat hairs... Polly!!) She also mentions you can pop it in your dishwasher for a thorough cleaning (now that's the easy kind of cleaning I'm into :)
In Canada, the Sew Slip II will be available very soon at the Covered Bridge Quiltery in Riverview, New Brunswick. If you email the shop, I'm sure they will be pleased to let you know when the order is expected.
As noted in the heading, everything about the Sew Slip II is win-win: it is larger, cheaper, stickier and more convenient to use. That takes care of 4 of the heading "wins" but there were 5...hmmm. Sounds like we need to add another win, so here's your chance to win a Sew Slip II
! The rules are...
  1. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post by clicking on the word "comments", telling us what you are working on right now. Anyone can comment, you can choose "name" from the drop-down choices, or "anonymous". You do not need to register for anything EVER to comment on this blog.
  2. Your comments will be numbered in the order they arrive, and a number will be selected randomly to choose the winner (it isn't based on your sewing project; I was just being curious as to what everyone is making for Christmas gifts.)
  3. Make sure I know who you are and how to contact you afterwards; your email address does not show up in your comments so it's up to you to ensure I can reach you if you win. If you are not certain, please email.
  4. Contest closes at midnight (Eastern Time) on November 28, 2011.
  5. You must be in Canada to win. My apologies to readers outside our country, I promise to have another give-away just for you when this ends.
  6. One entry per person.
Wow - that's a lot of rules!!! :) Good luck!!


  1. Oh, I could really use this. I'm working on a BIG lollipop quilt for Aurora for Christmas. I thought I'd get 3 panels done this week, but I'm just barely finishing the first panel. I didn't realize how much time dense machine quilting takes. Pick me, Pick me!!! Check out my blog tomorrow for a Lollipop free motion update!

  2. I've stopped using my Supreme Slider as I was getting very tired of having to pick it out of my quilts - very annoying and frustrating having it moving around under there. Would love to try the Sew Slip II.
    I'm currently working on an African Collage, a coin quilt and a table runner, the last two for Christmas presents.

  3. Hi Karen, I love your new seasonal header pic too! Guess that white stuff is on it's way to us tomorrow... I am working on two Christmas tablerunners - both will be machine quilted, today hopefully! Hoping to get a round Christmas tablecentre done for daughter Laura this week too... I could use that Sew SLIP II - maybe it would speed things up...

  4. Hi Karen,

    I was one of those absolutely terrified stippling quilterswho took your workshop in Amherst. Since then, I'm still nervous about stippling but I've done 2 projects using stippling. One was a Christmas apron for myself to wear at La Guilde Acadienne de Clare Christmas Tea event and now I'm working on a Christmas table cloth and stippling the middle of the cloth and free motion for the borders. I would be very excited to win your sheet for I need all the help I can get in order to do a beautiful job stippling.

    Wish me luck!

  5. First off, I love you header photo of the Christmas quilt.
    Secondly, I am working on several things. I have a wall quilt that is a Christmas quilt on the frame at the moment and I am hand quilting. I am also knitting a couple of sweaters for my new grandson - he's 7 months old and the sweaters are not big.
    Thirdly, I would love to try the Sew Slip II since I have a couple of smaller items that I want to machine quilt. I had never heard of a slippery sheet for machine quilting before.

  6. I love Santa's Trip Around The World. It looks so Christmasy.
    As usual, I have probably taken on more than I should have. Yet to finish (sewn but not quilted) I have 3 Advent Calendars, a set of 4 placemats, 2 table toppers, 2 sets of 4 mug mats, and a quilt that isn't for Christmas, but for the guild challenge next week.
    Meanwhile, I am knitting 2 scarves, a pair of socks and a sock monkey.
    Just to show I am crazy, I also have a nearly finished tree skirt, and just ordered 2 kits for Christmas quilts!
    Does that make me the queen of the UFO's?

  7. Thanks for sharing info about this interesting project. It sounds great. I am currently working on some seasonal place mats from fabric from the Moda fruitcake line. I also have two Holy Family wall hangings by Dilys Fronks (the creative iron) to finish quilting. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. I'm working on many things hoping to finish one....grin.....Farmer's Wife Sampler, Dear Jane, Sylvia's Bridal Sampler, Designer Mystery 2011 from Fat Quarters and more.

  9. Hi Karen
    You sold me on the slider, it certainly sounds like a great gadget.
    I am making a few mugmats for my 5 year old granddaughters school sale. The children are allowed to "shop" and select gifts for their parents. These should be good seller for them.



  11. This is a wonderful gadget, I have been using mine for a year and wouldn't be without it! I'm not a confident machine quilter, so I'm all for anything that makes quilting easier. I'm sure whoever wins (I know I'm not in the running because I live on the far side of the known universe) enjoys using it as much as I do mine.

  12. Oh! I've been trying to find one of these bigger sheets, but it's next to impossible here in Canada. I'm currently working on Bonnie Hunter's Orca Bay Mystery (among other projects and christmas gifts). lol My supreme slider is also slowly dying, and it's so frustrating having to tape it down all the time. *crossing my fingers to win* (cause seriously, I never win anything) *puts the good luck mojo on the number generator* LOL

  13. Thanks Karen for the opportunity to win a slider. I had no idea that such a gadget existed until I took your 'terrified' workshop. I just completed a new bag and I practised my machine quilting on it. I even tried the curved square pattern that you sent us on part of it. My next project is a quilt from Brenda Henning's Strip Therapy 4 book. It is for my son, who lost the quilt I made him in a fire this past weekend! I have had a Bali Pop for ages for this quilt and now I have a good reason to make it!

  14. Well count me in with my thanks for the opprtunity. One of us will get an early Christmas present. good luck everyone. I'd love to try out this invention.
    I'm practicing FMQ for the terrified, and keeping up with my guild commitment. I also started getting the border together for my retreat quilt in Oct. That was Martha's retreat, and a cool project. I have only two thumbs left to finish my thrummed mittens. This is the second pair (in my lifetime). Forward ho ho ho!Christmas wishes all

  15. 1. 12 Days of Christmas QAL
    2. Tradition Tuesday Sampler QAL
    3. Blogger QAL
    4. Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt
    5. 2 scarves
    6. Barbara Walker Learn to Knit Sampler
    7. Knitted Tea Cozy
    8. Hand quilting an Applique Quilt
    9. Reminiscence quilt (12 applique blocks w/pieced border.
    Hey, you asked what I was working on.
    Seriously, I am working on all of the abovementioned at one time!! A bit on some or all each day. I tried the Supreme Slider and I will tell you that it is in a heap in the corner of my sewing room. I did not like it at all. So, I would love to try the Sew Slip. Your review sounds like I would love it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. As I haven't tried to free motion quilt since my first disastress attempt. So I would love to try this with my next attempt , sounds fantastic. I plan to make some stockings and an iPad case. Then some placemats to practice FMQ.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. What a great give away, Karen. I've been free motion quilting on everything I have made since taking your course in Oct. I'm getting better and would love to win the Slider. I borrowed the small one from a friend to try and I can see the advantage of a larger one. I have just finished machine quilting my snowman top I put together 4 years ago. I have 2 table center pieces cut out ready to go and placemats on the go at the moment. The slider would sure help things go faster. Thanks for the opportunity to win one. You are very generous! Happpy quilting!!

  18. Thanks Karen! I am working on a baby quilt. I did stitch in the ditch on most of it but there are two areas that are circles so I wanted to free motion circles! Luckily I did a "test" piece before I started - it is backed with flannel and I just couldn't get it to move smoothly no matter how I tried! So, guess who dusted off her hand quilting skills? I really think I need to travel East next fall and take your "Free Motion for the Terrified" class!!
    Lori S. CQOL

  19. I am ashamed to say I am completing a Christmas mystery quilt from 2006! Just finished making 8 of the napkins that look like a Christmas tree when folded and knit 6 of the 'Sashay' scarves for gifts.

  20. Thanks Karen. I would love to try the new slider. Currently working on a lap quilt using asian fabrics.

  21. Hi Karen
    Looking forward to machine quilting my first project a bed runner for my mom for Christmas. I'm very anxious to finish the new project and maybe will have a new slider to try. Happy Holiday to everyone.

  22. Hi Karen. Thanks for doing this! I'm currently working on a "Freebie Fifteen" block from my LQS their version of Saturday sampler. It is called Sand and Sea Glass, and promises to be very pretty.

  23. Hi Karen... would love to win the slider.. I do a fair bit of machine free motion (stippling only I'm afraid) and never heard of using a slippy slider. Would love to try it out. currently working on a king size quilt for my sister's 40ieth anniversary end of Dec., a Sonya's Windows strip quilt, and several wool applique hangings/mats for Christmas.

  24. I am currently working my way through a pile of flimsies that I have been storing while I gained the courage to try free motion quilting. I took my first class this fall and it has helped spur me on. It isn't wonderful but improves with each project. Today I will try to finish a civil war quilt I created for my history-loving husband and promised to have completed for CHristmas.

    Thank you for your cheerful blog which inspires me every time I read it. I had the good fortune to visit Amherst and other areas in Nova Scotia this past spring and hope to get back again before too long.


  25. I am working on your Beauty of Christmas pattern and ready to start the machine quilting. The slider would be a great gift to help me get the job done! Thanks for the give away adds fun to your site.

    Sheila S

  26. Ah!!! I know youa re not a gadget person so this product has to be top of the line♥♥♥
    I am working on perfecting my free motion like my teacher thought me.... Thank you Karen!
    And I have lots of Christmas prjects started. I finihsed Miss Émilie's quilt and I am now making pillows to match. I made a lot of Christmas table toppers and I am quilting those. It is a fun season to be a quiter. Lots of gorgeous projects like the one in your header! Love it~!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  27. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for explaining the slider. I have been meaning to get one of those for awhile(operativewords been meaning)I just never seem to get to it.
    looking outsode this morning at a white world, so now I can start hoping for spring soon.
    Back to working on a new Christmas wall hanging for church.

  28. I love the seasonal header too! I'm working on a Lone Star top to list on Etsy, and a super huge New York Beauty top! Thanks!

  29. I love your Santa's trip and cannot wait to hang mine. I am working on a hawaiian applique of Christmas candles. I would love you to pick me for the sew slip sheet, I have never seen one.

  30. Almost finished a black-and-white-with hot-pink-centers wonky log cabin quilt, and wondered how to make a hexagon log cabin block. Ended up with four 24-inch log cabin hexagonal table centers with some gorgeous Christmas prints I've been treasuring. Machine quilted them (no longer absolutely terrified, just slightly nervous) and if I do say so, they have the best mitered corners (six corners apiece - lots of practice!) and amazing binding! I'll be proud to give them to my daughter and daughters-in-law (and one for me of course.) It's a good thing you didn't ask about projects in the beginning / planning stages - I have little piles all over the sewing room! Glenda MacDonald, Hilden

  31. just finished a small signature/prayer quilt for a friend who is leaving in a few days for cancer treatment in Germany, and now it is time to finish assembling the Trip Around the World sample that I showed at my guild demo this morning. By the way, I mentioned your TATW pattern with Santa et al, and one of the guild members piped up to say that she's made it, has it on display now for the season, but will bring it for show and tell at our next meeting.

  32. A friend & I are just finishing your Oriental Beauty Pattern...our yearly get-together & quilt project for 2011. What a gorgeous piece.
    Will show it at guild in early Dec. & send you a picture of them together. WilmaJ NS

  33. I am working on a 20 block sampler quilt to give to "Grandma Mac" for Christmas - my Mom's best friend. Also finishing the Thomas the tank engine quilt for my son, and a cute little thread catcher for my quilting secret santa. I am in BC!
    carolejm at gmail dot com
    that is a nifty looking invention by the way!!

  34. Wow Karen. Thank you for such a detailed product review! Count me in on the draw please. I avoid quilting big quilts because that drag is hard on my hands. Even if I don't win, I seriously need to look in on this product. All I do is free motion - hours a day to be specific! ; ) I would love to try this out.
    p.s. - LOVE your new header photo!! What a beauty!
    : ))))
    ~Monika in Saskatoon

  35. Well....right now I'm knitting socks and decorating cookies and finishing up some micro macrame bracelets. I have a drawing on the go...and a portrait of my great-niece....AND I just got my sewing room reorganized so I'm working on a Cathedral Window snooze mat for Cassie. I may have ADHD. :)I agree with Monika. I really like your new photo header.

  36. Right now I'm working on a yoyo quilt, a vintage hankie quilt, a baby quilt, and some drawstring bags. Busy Busy Busy. And I'm most interested in this Sew Slip. I'm just about to finally get a proper machine ... a second hand one but one that should cause me less trouble. I'll bet this sew-slip would be helpful.

  37. The sew and slip looks really interesting.
    I am working on finishing up a Dresden Plate quilt.
    Thanks for the chance.
    Love the new header picture - such a beautiful quilt.

  38. Karen you would be so ashamed of me!! I have every size and shape of ruler ever made! I have every gadget that they put on the market! I love shiny new things :) I have a continuous list that I add to of "new things" I am looking for and take it on all my shop hop adventures. I love to find quilters that have already tried items that I am looking for and can give me their feedback but it is not a deal breaker if I cannot. I don't mind being a guinea pig!