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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Snow, Bees, and Optimism

Cumberland County, Nova Scotia has enjoyed much snow this winter. (OK... so maybe I can't speak for the whole county when I say that...but I am enjoying the snow!) Today hubby and I decided to check on the hives to see how the bees are faring.
In the winter, we are unable to drive into the field where the bees are kept. Normally we drive in on a dirt road part of the way and hike in from there. Today we found that road had not been ploughed so we had to hike a little further, climb a barbed wire fence, and then...this mountain of snow. We sunk into the soft snow almost up to our hips. It was hard and slow...and lots of fun!
As we neared the hives, we spotted evidence of winter cleansing flights the bees had taken, some more successfully than others.
The hives themselves were secure and cozy. Many bees were flying around to greet us. All is well.
On the drive home, we spotted this car in a driveway....a little MG, top down, and a toboggan in the backseat. You have to love the optimism of youth!


  1. Ha ha, now that car is way to clean to be outside driving around... Funny to see the sled in the back seat. I wonder what the rest of the story is here...

    Glad to see the hives are all ok. Do most of the bees sleep all winter... No nectar, no flowers, cold...

  2. I didn't realize bees "go out " in the cold? On a nice day they go for a little flight and some fresh air? Do tell us about bees' winter habits...

  3. Oh gosh, I had forgotten about your hives. I guess they just sleep all winter like the bears?