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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Selvedge Ex Machina

I've been so blown away the past few days...not by Hurricane Bill, but by calls and emails enquiring as to how we weathered the storm. It's been heartwarming to hear from quilters all over. Yet another surprise was waiting in this morning's mail. Look at this - all the way from Virginia!
Robin read the post on the Selvedge Tote Bag and very kindly snipped off her selvedges and sent them along. Robin's selvedges are from Aunt Grace and Darlene Zimmerman fabrics and it was interesting to see that the very same prints she has are shared in my stash. Gram's Baptist Fans, which graces the cover of Canadian Heritage Quilting, was made using these 30's Reproduction prints. I am very pleased to receive them as my next planned selvedge project will require quite a number. Here's the stash I have accumulated so far, with Robin's new ones pictured at the front. (I'm sure you are all impressed to see how neatly my selvedges are organized)
Perhaps by November there will be enough collected to begin the next project. In the meantime, I am continuing to sew samples for the diamond workshops in October.
A very sincere thanks to Robin for the selvedges - most appreciated! You can check out Robin's blog here.


  1. Oh! I can't wait to see all those samples for the Diamond workshop. I am having fun choosing fabric for my first project with you... changed my mind several times already but I think it will be Christmas table topper for my first one.I have a feeling I will be making more than one. I just love the pattern.

  2. What nice. I must go see what your diamond workshop is all about.