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Monday, 26 January 2015

Quilting Beauties: Asian Beauties

I'll share another project from the "Quilting Beauties" book, this time one entitled Asian Beauty.
This one is really simple to sew, but it's such a pretty setting as the New York Beauty blocks merge to resemble fans.
As usual, Polly put herself in charge of the project.

The quilting addresses my mantra of "quilt what you want them to see", so a beautiful line of feathers was stitched the length of the piece in the black bands.
The design of black blocks down the centre also feature linear quilting to keep your eye moving up and down.

 We took it next door to photograph on the neighbour's pergola and Polly climbed to the top...
 while this nonsense with Maddie took place below.
Once the chase began, I was free to take the photos!

After the book projects went off to the publisher and I had a moment to putter, I found a gorgeous collection of Oriental fabrics at Mrs. P's begging to come home with me. I knew this was a perfect design for them.  
As I stitched, I had this nagging feeling that the colours were really familiar...and yet I had never sewn with this line before.  When I went to take the photo, the light bulb came on.  The colours are an exact match for an Imari china plate which had belonged to my grandmother.
Orange red (Chinese red), green, navy and black - the colours of the china echo those in the fabric collection.  They look a little off in the photographs but in person they are the same.
 I finished off the quilting in a similar-but-different manner, showcasing the fans.
This latter piece is for sale, so if you are interested email me for details The pattern for Asian Beauty may be found in the  book  Quilting Beauties, available on my website..

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Quilting Beauties: Arabesque

The quilts from the book Quilting Beauties have arrived back, so I'll start to show you some of the projects.  One of my very favourite pieces is a rather funky one called Arabesque.  It is pieced using the Quilter's Shadow collection by Stof of Denmark, It's a beautiful fabric which functions as a solid but adds depth to the patchwork as the colours modulate across the surface.  To allow the dynamic design to shine, this low-impact fabric in high contrast colours was a perfect choice.
Soft grey and white are used in the New York Beauty background sections, and a bright yellow forms the "eye". 
Arabesque finishes to 14" x 36" and can be used on a table...but it's a stunning piece of art when hung.

AQS liked this piece also, and chose it to display at all their upcoming "Quilt Week" shows across the U.S. this year, which is a real honour. 
You can get a copy of the book which includes the pattern for Arabesque from my website;  

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Quilting Beauties: The Details

Quilting Beauties is ready to go!
I spent last evening going over the book, cover to cover. Forgive my lack of modesty, but it's beautiful.  The photographs and piecing diagrams are incredibly clear and the colours are vibrant. I honestly could not be more pleased.  Even the back cover is gorgeous!
One of my favourite parts is that AQS included photographs of my precious helpers, Polly and Maddie. Here's Polly peeping through the harp of the Bernina,looking very serious.
It was difficult to take a picture without mischievous Maddie popping up somewhere.
Part of the delay in the release of the book was in the production of the CD of templates, but it was well worth waiting for and I am very happy with that decision.  The CD alone contains 62 pages and allows you to print what you need right at home.  Since the arcs are foundation pieced, it's always a pain to try and have a book lay flat on a photocopier so that your pieces come out the right size.  For those without access to a home printer, you can simply take the CD to a print shop and have them do them directly for you.
The CD has cut the price of postage significantly. Cost of the book through my website is $27.00 Canadian.  Based on the current rate of exchange, in US $ that works out to $22.34.  I am happy to sign whatever you like on your book - just email me.  I also have these adorable 1" pins and will send one along with your book, while they last.

Again, thank you for all the kind and supportive emails that have been pouring in.  I appreciate each and every one.
The checkout is set up and ready, you can click here to order. There are three separate buttons on the page, choose the one which corresponds to your location to set the correct rate of postage.  Thanks!

Working Out The Details

Thanks for all the sweet emails!!  This will be a quick note, I'll be back later on with a few more details.  To answer about purchasing: yes, I will have signed copies available from my website to any who are interested. You can also purchase the book through Amazon, directly from AQS, and at your local quilt shop.
Once I get the rates from the post office - hopefully this morning - I will get the checkout buttons configured on my website.  Until I actually had a copy of the book, I didn't know the weight so none of this could be done ahead.  Because a big part of the book is on CD, this should reflect favourably on the cost of postage. Please bear with me as things get set in place.
For local quilters, there will be a display of the book quilts at Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium.  Beth has graciously agreed to host a signing, but the details of that are yet to be worked out.  Unless Canada Customs decides to hold them for their own display(!), the book quilts should be back tomorrow.
It's exciting.  Neither Polly nor I slept a wink last night...

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Monday, 19 January 2015

Good Golly, Miss P♥lly!

There was a big, brown envelope sticking out of our mailbox this afternoon and when I opened it up, here's what  I found.  Mittens!  Polly mittens!
Wow!  These were a surprise from my thoughtful and talented friend Cheryl.  The uncanny part is how well Cheryl has captured Polly's true essence.  This is SO Polly, into everything and peeking out from her latest mischief.  She even embroidered her in my recently completed circus quilt, in which - as you can see in my last post - Polly was quite wrapped up.
They could not be more delightful, nor more appreciated - in my favourite red, no less.
Thank you Cheryl for this wonderful gift.  Wow!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Under The Big Top Nursery Set

I am pleased to announce the release of a pattern for a circus themed nursery set entitled Under The Big Top.
Circles, triangles, squares and diamonds are all used to create this colourful quilt.
  The pattern includes the spiral and star quilting motifs used in this sample.

 The outer border is simply quilted with a curved line dotted with stars.

To give credit where due...we all know I had help with the photo shoot. You may recognize the tail in this one...
The ninja cat was everywhere. You aren't fooling anyone, Polly - we can see those pointy little ears!
Polly would get shooed out of the room and by the time I was back behind the camera, she was back in front of it.  
The pattern also includes instructions for the "big top" canopy to hang over the crib so you can complete your nursery in a circus theme.
 The quilt is a generous 46" x 54".
As always, I owe a big thank you to pattern editor Cheryl Coville for her help (and Polly sends a purr to Cheryl's helper, Cassie).   The pattern is available as an instant download here on Craftsy.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Hearts Entwined

It seems a bit early to post for Valentine's Day, but realistically if you are making something, you need some lead time to get it done. You've only got a month left!  Last year I posted a tutorial for this cute mug mat:
Lots of you have acquired the free pattern through Craftsy, making it one of their top downloads. With her usual energy and creative spark, Jeanne Kaye Speight of Federicton has taken the design one step further and made this adorable wall hanging - kind of a his and hers.
Jeanne Kaye writes, "I loved the heart you designed, so I enlarged it, and did it in opposites for a wall hanging inside my front door for St. Valentine's Day.  Love it!  Thanks for another great pattern."  It's just sweet!  I am not sure how large Jeanne Kaye made her hearts, but I am sure we could ask if anyone is interested in knowing.  Thanks so much for sharing this,Jeanne Kaye - you rock! If you'd like to make your own spiral heart, the pattern is free here.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Mea Culpa

Late last September, I taught a class in beginner free motion quilting at Mrs Pugsley's Emporium. Shortly thereafter, I received a picture from Gail Baker of Sackville showing off her completed class sample.  I didn't post it right away because I wanted to include a picture of  something Gail gave me at the workshop, and set it aside for the next day.  The next day came and went, and then the next...and then there was Fibre Arts Festival,,,and then there was catch-up...and book edits...and Christmas and...well, it just never got done.  My sincerest apologies, Gail.
So, FINALLY, here is Gail's lovely work.  She did a particularly nice job on the centre section which is really quite tiny.
And here's what Gail gifted me with in class.  Can you believe this??  Yes, it's toilet paper, upon which Gail has embroidered!  I've never seen anything like this before.  My all-male household has been warned within an inch of their lives not to use this!!
Gail has a sticker on the bottom which gives a website address, and I see she takes custom orders for these.  You can check it out here.
Thank you Gail for sending along the picture...and for being so patient with me!