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Monday, 22 September 2014

Janice and her Selvedges

I hear from the most interesting, creative people and Janice Luinstra of Calgary is one.Janice sent along some pictures to show what she has been doing with selvedges, including this tote bag made from one of my patterns. Janice writes, "I have enjoyed making these bags ...and have given them to my daughters, daughter in law, friends. Now I am making one to be donated to the Ujaama Grandmas sale Bags, Babies and Beyond in October in Calgary."
On a trip to Indianapolis to visit her daughter, Janice visited the local quilt store and mentioned to a person there that she was looking for selvedges. That person had been collecting them and was happy to donate a bag full to Janice. They connected again on Janice's next trip, and the woman gifted her with huge bins of selvedges. Lucky Janice! In addition to several tote bags, she also made a selvedge skirt for her daughter, which understandably garnered a lot of attention, and this fabulous quilt.
Here's a shot of her huge selvedge stash (and I thought *I* had a lot!!) spread out so Janice can select just the perfect one for use in her work.
Thanks so much for being in touch, Janice, You can find out the times and location for The Ujaama Grandmas sale here; if you are lucky enough to be in the Calgary area, you may come home with one of Janice's selvedge bags!


  1. Well done to Janice - free selvedges, way to go!

  2. Wow! I love her bag and quilt..I have never saved selvedge's but might have to start now...