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Monday, 7 September 2015

Painting the Garage

September is National Sewing Month (even though in my world, that's every month *-) September is also back-to-school time for university students, and my son had a broken zipper in his favourite hoodie which he was hoping to have repaired before he left.
I know "mending" is a dirty word to some quilters, but I am a mender.  My Bernina is just as happy repairing, as it is creating new.  For many sewists, zippers are totally out of the question, but I never understand why.  It's just a straight seam, but sewn with a different foot...?
28 weight Aurifil thread was the perfect choice for this job. This thick, strong thread will hold the zipper in securely. Naturally the hoodie had writing on both sides of the front that needed to match up, and I think I did a reasonable job. The son happily packed with the clothes to take.
Do you do zippers?


  1. I do zippers and many other things.......but although I make clothing from scratch I will not shorten pants!

  2. I'm with you on this one, Karen. I do zippers. However, I have to say that sometimes I find it easier to sew them in ...gasp! hand! :)

  3. Zippers, I do zippers all the time. I remember when my boys were little, spending March break, replacing the zippers in their snow coats, because there was still a month for them to be worn.
    I recently taught a zippered bag workshop, where the new sewers had no problem with their zippers, but the experienced quilters needed lots of help, because they "knew" zippers were hard.
    Lovely job on the repair!