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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Feet On The Ground

I am grateful (and excited!) when others see my work someplace, and email to let me know.  Jeanne Kaye from Fredericton was sweet to be in touch to say she had spotted my book Quilting Beauties at the City Quilter in New York.  Previously, Mrs. Pugsley had discovered this shop selling kits for my New York Roundabout.  Very cool to have a presence in this awesome, big-city, shop.
Kate from Kanata kindly sent along a couple of pictures from the recent AQS Quilt Week show in Syracuse, N.Y.  This shows Tempus Fugit (from Quilting Beauties) in the Author's Booth. Interestingly enough, Kate had previously seen this quilt one year at Quilt Canada.
Here is the rack of books as you enter the display area, and Kate tells me she had to shoo a few people out of the way so that she could get this picture for me. I appreciate your efforts, Kate - thank you!


  1. Any time you need me to take pictures at a quilt show, I am happy to take on the assignment. :-)

  2. How cool is that to see your book on the shelves? Must feel good.

  3. And I saw it on shelves in Maine last month too... forgot to tell you!