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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Quilting Beauties: The Details

Quilting Beauties is ready to go!
I spent last evening going over the book, cover to cover. Forgive my lack of modesty, but it's beautiful.  The photographs and piecing diagrams are incredibly clear and the colours are vibrant. I honestly could not be more pleased.  Even the back cover is gorgeous!
One of my favourite parts is that AQS included photographs of my precious helpers, Polly and Maddie. Here's Polly peeping through the harp of the Bernina,looking very serious.
It was difficult to take a picture without mischievous Maddie popping up somewhere.
Part of the delay in the release of the book was in the production of the CD of templates, but it was well worth waiting for and I am very happy with that decision.  The CD alone contains 62 pages and allows you to print what you need right at home.  Since the arcs are foundation pieced, it's always a pain to try and have a book lay flat on a photocopier so that your pieces come out the right size.  For those without access to a home printer, you can simply take the CD to a print shop and have them do them directly for you.
The CD has cut the price of postage significantly. Cost of the book through my website is $27.00 Canadian.  Based on the current rate of exchange, in US $ that works out to $22.34.  I am happy to sign whatever you like on your book - just email me.  I also have these adorable 1" pins and will send one along with your book, while they last.

Again, thank you for all the kind and supportive emails that have been pouring in.  I appreciate each and every one.
The checkout is set up and ready, you can click here to order. There are three separate buttons on the page, choose the one which corresponds to your location to set the correct rate of postage.  Thanks!


  1. Oh - that looks really gorgeous! Just working out the details of how to get my copy.......

  2. Congratulations Karen - this books looks like a stunner!