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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Happy Dance!

It's here!!!

..and it's beautiful :)



  1. No one does a better happy dance than Snoopy. In fact, wasn't he the originator of the dance? Congrats on holding your book in your hands. It looks beautiful. I can hardly wait to hold it in mine. When/where can we buy it?

  2. YAY!!!!! YAY!!!!!

    gosh. I remember when we chatted on the phone and you were at the beginning of this project. Seems like forever ago eh!?

    YAY!!!!! : )

    (clap clap clap)

    : )

  3. Yahooooo! You must be SO happy to finally have it in your hands. So glad Snoopy is helping you celebrate!!

  4. Okay, I am going to try to move it from my Amazon wish list, into my cart, tomorrow!

  5. Congratulations, Karen. How exciting to be published! Great success with your book!

  6. Yay......that's great! Can I buy a copy from you?

  7. Congratulations. I'm so impressed with all you do. I'll thumb through the book on Amazon!!

  8. In Canada, you can get a copy from Amazon.

    1. Or you can buy it directly from me for less than Amazon :)

  9. This is so exciting. I hope it meets all your wishes. It seems that it does. I'll get 3 copies when I get home, if that's ok. My flight arrives Feb.8. I'll happy dance here in the interim. Great news Karen.