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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Santa's Workshop

There is an energetic elf taking over production at the North Pole and her name is Jeanne Kaye.  She's on a roll!
I'll share what Jeanne Kaye wrote because it's so much fun: "Here I am in Fredericton sewing Santa's belt in vast quantities, and it seems I have a shortage of plain red fabric!  Not wanting to stop the production, I searched my stash and found a red with decorative touches, and then I found piece called "Santa's Beard" which looks a lot like fluffy fur. So I pressed on, and made this one. I've decided that this must be Santa's "dress" costume, for all the holiday parties that he probably attends after his busy night on the 24th. :-) Love the pattern; can't get stopped!"
I am familiar with the "Santa's Beard" fabric she mentions, as Mrs, P. carries it in her shop.
Thank you so much Jeanne Kaye for sharing your projects - keep them coming!  The pattern can be downloaded here if you'd like to make your own.

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