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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Joanne's Selvedge Tote

More sew & tell, this one from Joanne Colleaux from Armstrong B.C.  Joanne is an award winning quilter who seems to share my love of blue- green fabrics.  Joanne writes, " One of my quilting friends made the tote in the spring, and seeing how great it looked was the motivation to get this onto the to-do list. It was a fun project for me... I’ve never paid a great deal of attention to what was on a selvage other than the dots, but if asked, I would have answered that the letters were all black and in the same font. What a surprise to discover the reality, and be able to play with all that colour and variety in the skinny strings. Although not all the related fabrics had meaningful connections for me, many did, and so it was also a nice trip down memory lane...thanks for your inspiration for yet another project."
Typical of Joanne , she has put a unique spin on the tote bag adding a centre square to the intersection of the selvedge blocks, which are then joined through partial seams.  From the picture, it looks like Mirror Ball Dot for the square and trim...? Joanne also used variegated thread in a zigzag stitch to anchor her selvedges, thus adding another bit of colour. 

It make my original version a bit pale by comparison :)
Thank you Joanne for sharing your beautiful bag.  The pattern for the Selvedge Tote is available from my website or an an instant download through Craftsy.


  1. Great looking bag! Guess I should start saving my selvages.

  2. It's beautiful, Joanne. Wish it was mine, I don't have any selvages.