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Monday, 28 July 2014

More Trippin'

Our Bay of Fundy adventure took us to Black's Harbour where we caught the ferry to Grand Manan.
The very pleasant crossing took about an hour and a half.  There was wi-fi on the ferry, but we spent our time on the top deck enjoying the spectacular scenery (and taking way too many pictures!)
The Bay of Fundy is dotted with lots of small rocky islands, each with a lighthouse.  
Needless to say, we saw a great many lighthouses.  This one below was the same design as Cape d'Or.  We saw lots this same utilitarian style around the Bay.

We drove to the very tip of the island to see this light station. It reminded us of our visit to Cape Forshu a couple of years ago.

The island certainly had its charm. Our printed map showed what we thought to be a town named Flock of Sheep.  As we approached, this was painted on the road.  Stopping to follow the arrow, it took us on a path to a look-off on the side of a cliff.  We believe the flock of sheep refers to a group of rocks in the bay, but it was too foggy to see them.
This is a gate to a tea room we passed.  I love it!  Now I want a gate...
The big draw for me was to see Dark Harbour as this is where the world's best dulce is harvested.  I am a big dulce lover!

Here are nets stretched over stones where the dulce is spread to dry.  (At home we always did it on sheets on the lawn.)

We enjoyed our stay on the island very much.  The ferry took us back to the mainland and we continued on the next leg of our Bay of Fundy cruise *-)


  1. Wow, cruising! We will have to consider this for our next trip East.

  2. It all looks so wonderful! I need to visit!