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Monday, 7 July 2014

Arthur Aftermath

Hurricane Arthur visited us Saturday...although by the time he arrived he had downsized himself to a Tropical Storm.  It was rather exciting to see what would happen as the track of the storm was directly over Amherst!
Friday night, like most everyone else, we visited the grocery store to stock up...just in case. We were greeted with a double rainbow over the Sobeys parking lot.

The storm hit mid day Saturday.Truthfully, we have had far worse. Our power went off and on, off and on three times. We were much luckier than many not to have lost it for long;  parts of the Maritimes are still without and perhaps will be for a few days yet. We headed out to check for damage to the bee hives.  On the road to the farm, the fields were littered with downed branches.
This one partly blocked the road into the bees (can you see the hives to the right just in front of the tall windbreak?  In past windstorms, those trees have blown over onto the hives.)  
The bees were completely happy, seemingly oblivious to all the weather drama.
There were lots of  small cones on the ground so I gathered a bunch to burn in the smoker.
When they go in slightly damp, they give off lots of sweet-smelling smoke.
Back home, we surveyed our yard to find multiple small branches off but no loss of big trees.  In our neighbour's yard, this one just missed hitting their house.
Our yard is littered with sticks and leaves.  Someone is going to have to clean all that up before I can mow!
Thanks for all the emails of concern.  It's great to have Cyber-friends who care.


  1. We just got high winds here on Cape Breton. Sometimes, there were even big patches of blue sky in the cloud cover. Glad you were safe.

  2. Yes it was one for the books! Not has bad as it could have been. Thank goodness!

  3. Good to hear that you suffered no major damage and that the bees are all right! What tree are those cones from? They are quite pointed - I haven't seen that shape here.