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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Power Of Purple

Remember my Rhythmic quilt?
The pattern has been selling like hotcakes and most of the quilts I've seen made from it have used the same colourway as the original. I have to tell you that my jaw dropped when I saw Elaine's version on her blog. Scroll down and prepare to be wowed!    

Not only is her colour choice spectacular, her quilting is fabulous too.
Elaine writes this: "I am a music major from college so was intrigued by the name and I love circles and doing feather quilting.   Win! Win!   It was so striking I had intended to do it in red even though red is probably my least favorite color.   But.....since purple is my favorite color, I tried some different fabric swatches and decided the purple was gorgeous too."
 Look at the tiny grid quilting in the intersection of the blocks.  Patience!

I confess that this is one of my all time favourite designs and seeing it so well done is music to my heart.  The pattern for Rhythmic is widely available: it is distributed by Trend Tex Fabrics to quilt shops across Canada, including Mrs. Pugsley's Emporium  in Amherst. It is also available by snail mail from my website  or as an instant pdf download through Craftsy.  If you have made your own version of Rhythmic, I'd love a picture to show here on the blog.  A sincere thank you Elaine;  you really made my day!


  1. Thank you Karen. Your kinds words and the request to use my photos have brought me such joy!

  2. It's very beautiful Elaine - well done.

  3. Elaine: You are a girl after my own heart. Everything is better with a bit of purple!

    1. Karen told me there was another purple lover it there! I'm known as the purple lady in my guild and to be honest, it is a rare quilt that doesn't have purple in it somewhere.....even if just a sliver or hint tucked away somewhere!

  4. Beautiful both of them. And the quilting sure makes them spectacular!

  5. How funny that this is your post today. I visited your website and saw this pattern and haven't been able to get it out of my mind. Now I'm convinced it needs to come home to live with me!! Hope I can make one as pretty as that! My FMQ skills are still in the developmental stages.

  6. That's a really striking colour scheme, and beautiful quilting!

  7. Just fabulous Elaine! Your quilting is wonderful too. love those spinning feathers.

  8. I guess WOW would appropriate here. Beautiful job Elaine. Another great pattern Karen.