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Saturday, 20 July 2013

What's In The Box?

The UPS man delivered a big box of gorgeous Hoffman fabrics on Friday.  Even though I knew what was coming it knocked me off my game a bit to hold the actual fabrics in my hand.  What bliss!  I am sure one fabric is made of is so fluid as it moves and catches the light.  I marvel at how silver threads can be woven in with plain cotton to achieve such effect.  It was a couple of hours before I could settle down to sew as after I felt each hand, admired the colours and prints, rubbed them on my cheek and inhaled their cottony goodness, I also had to iron each and every piece. I like to get to know my fabrics before I release their magic in patchwork.  While I cannot show you what was in the box when it arrived...
I can show you what's in it now.  Polly!  She was so determined to get inside that box, so I put in a bit of wool batting scraps and let her enjoy.  You can see her paws kneading the wool;  my Gram always called this "mixing bread".
Polly got as much pleasure from her favourite material as I did from mine.


  1. Yummy, new fabrics......and in a Polly-sized box too!

  2. Polly knows a good thing. what fun to think of all of those beautiful pieces of fabric