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Friday, 3 May 2013

Sunshine De-Vine

On two earlier posts here and here I mentioned my entry in this year's Trend Tex Challenge through The Canadian Quilter's Association . This is a yearly fundraiser, with all quilts donated and auctioned off to raise money for the organization.  I've participated every year since I was a member and I do like feeling that I am contributing.  Since pictures of all the entries are now posted on the CQA website, I can show my finished piece here.  The theme for this challenge was Sunshine and Vines, and we were each supplied with 5 FQ of batiks.
I chose to depict a simple vine circling the sun.  The elements are all raw edge, with free motion machine embroidery worked to show detail.
I backed it with a coordinating yellow and blue batik from my stash.
In natural light, the quilting shows up a bit better;  you can see the feathered wreath in the sun.  The grapes have not been trapuntoed;  the relief is achieved simply from using Legacy wool batting.
The quilting was done using 100 weight Invisifil, the stitching was worked with a variety of rayon and cotton threads.
The pattern on the sun looks almost like an EKG, worked in orange Sulky.

Check out more than 90 entries here;  it's always fun to see how each interprets the theme.


  1. Love it.....what a great use of the theme! I'm off to check out the rest of the entries now.

  2. Wow! Beautiful - as usual!! A great interpretation of the theme and I really like the asymmetrical edges!

  3. Oh gorgeous! 100 weight Invisifil you say. What size needle did you use?

    1. Hi, Marilyn: Even though logic dictates a thread that fine would use a really tiny needle, I've found that I get best results with either a #12 or # 14 Topstitch (or Metallic) needle. Because of the higher thread count in this batik fabric, I used a #12 as I didn't want big holes left. I presume that even though the thread is fine, it requires a needle with a larger eye to compensate for the faster speed of the machine while doing free motion. ("faster speed"?? :) ~ Karen

  4. The transformation from your first pic to the last is a journey of creativity. I love the quilting as well Karen. It inspires me to hopefully evolve as a machine quilter.

  5. Beautiful Karen. The quilting is spectacular too. Love that you tell us what thread and batting is used for your projects. That is always one of my questions!