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Friday, 1 February 2013

We've Got Mail

One of the perks of owing a small business is being in the know on all that's going on.  My patterns are sold wholesale to shops across Canada and the United States, but beyond the North American borders patterns are sold individually from the checkout page of my website.  They go all over the world and it's such fun to see the address labels as they spit out of the printer.  Most of us gripe about the high cost of postage, but truth to tell I am always surprised at how little it costs and how quickly things go.  Recent orders to the U.K. shipped for the same as it would cost to send to our other coast in British Columbia and took about the same time to arrive.  This morning I sent my first order to Kazakhstan!  The postage was about double what it would cost in Canada (but still reasonable) and the delivery time quoted was 10 days.  If you look at the little green markers below you can see the trip the package will take.  The distance, as the crow flies, is 9,514 kms.  A real bargain for $5., if you ask me!
If you are overseas and have been pondering ordering, please email for a postage quote.  You may be pleasantly surprised!


  1. need a map of the world on your wall, with pins showing where your patterns have been sent!