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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Wonderfil Sight

Although the snow makes it tricky to plan too many teaching days over the winter, it's a great time to get organized for the busy season ahead.  This year I hope to offer more local classes and am scouting out a fabulous space to host quilting workshops;  stay tuned for details :).  To this end, I am working on new designs, finishing up the antependiums, and preparing for previously scheduled workshops and trunk shows.  I always like to have lots of my favourite threads available during class.  The delivery man from Canada Post arrived a little after 6 one morning with this box.  If you look anything like I do at that hour, you'll understand the debate going on in my head ("do I open the door looking like this?!?") In the end, I always figure no one cares about bedhead and fuzzy slippers.
Once that box is opened, you forget those things anyhow!  This order is Konfetti 50 wt. cotton and Invisifil 100 wt cottonized polyester in a basic range of colours. 
It makes me want to sit at the machine and sew these all up!


  1. Wow, Canada Post delivering at 6 am! I have never heard of that. How much fun to open that box though. That is a gorgeous red.

  2. Yummy thread! I have used Wonderfil on a few quilts, my machine likes it,and so do I.

  3. I absolutely love Invisafil. I started out using it for stitching in the ditch but now also use it as my piecing thread. I use it in the needle as well as the bobbin and it works beautifully.

  4. When I see that box of thread Karen, I get weak in the knees. I am a lover of threads, and looking at the potential fun in the box, whee, it's better than a trip on the roller coaster.Have fun!