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Sunday, 2 December 2012

First Sunday in Advent

The Advent parament was dedicated in church this morning,
It all started with a star, and built from there...
The dimensional patchwork went together slowly, one piece at a time.
It was layered with wool batting.
The quilting helped further emphasize the dimension achieved in the patchwork.
The fine threads are Wonderfil's "Invisifil", a 100 weight filament.
An angel was added after the quilting was complete and highlighted with silver metallic and holographic threads.
It's a lot of patchwork in a small space;  the piece measures only 20-1/4" w x 24" l.


  1. Wow--what an artist you is gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful Karen!! Absolutely beautiful!!

  3. Oh wow!It is beautiful, and the design certainly draws the eye in toward the star just as you had intended.

  4. Wow, your work just blows me away. I can hardly wait to see Christmas.

  5. Oh Karen
    It is so beautiful,it is just beyond.....
    Your design sense & application is perfect.
    WOW indeed.

  6. Oh Karen - this took my breath away! You have such talent and vision - and you quilt pretty good too!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us! Lori

  7. Stunning.. Those prospective lines would send me running. Wow, I'm so impressed. Makes me think I should do something for my church.... maybe next year... whew...took my breath away too...

  8. Karen, this is absolutely wonderful. You must
    be very pleased and I am sure it was well
    received by the Minister and congregation.
    You are amazing! Thanks for letting us see
    this work of art.

  9. OMG That is gorgeous... You are the greastest!

  10. As I said before I must go to the sanctuary to see this great piece in its intended environment. it is beautiful karen