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Saturday, 20 October 2012

First Finish?

It's sort of, kind of, the first finish from the workshop...(the qualifiers are because it isn't really the whole quilt and the maker wasn't really in the class!)  However, it is the New York Beauty block from Roundabout Again, and Beth did pop into the class for a few minutes to pick up the pattern and see what was going on.  That counts.
Beth Munroe is a beginner quilter but has been a sewist for a good many years. (I almost termed her a "sewer" but that term written always makes me chuckle as I think of underground waste pipes...I don't want to call anyone a seew-er) Beth watched a quick paper-piecing tutorial at Fibre Festival Headquarters last week by Phyllis Cameron and decided she was ready to tackle a block.  Built-in decorative machine stitches were used to quilt the block.  Beth followed the directions in the pattern to make continuous bias binding which transformed her block into a potholder.  Now Beth is feeling confident and ready to start the quilt!


  1. She's knitting socks, and quilting. We'll never get her back to work now! :)

    I use the term "stitcher", rather than sew-er.

  2. I'm with you on 'sewer'. I recently heard "seamster" used. I think I kinda like that one.

  3. Cut potholder, just in time for Halloween! Nice job Beth!

  4. Way to Go Beth!!!!!!
    Julia in MTL