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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Postcard From France

This week in my mail I was surprised to find a postcard from France.  It was sent by Sandra Reford, who curated the Canadian exhibit at Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork.  It was such a thoughtful move on her part;  she doesn't skimp on any of the details. I am so happy to have this souvenir.  Aren't the houses beautiful?  I expect they've been translated into patchwork many, many times.
I've also heard from several folks who attended the show in Ste. Marie-Aux-Mines, and even got some pictures.  These were sent by Karen Otto's friend Diane.  Karen, who lives in Germany, was kind enough to email me after the show with her wonderful, enthusiastic comments.  Thank you, Karen - I appreciated hearing from you.
This is a picture Sandra sent along showing Log Canada hanging between two pillars at the front of the church.  Sandra writes, "It was on the right when you came in as an announcement that this was the Canadian exhibit... In front of it was a table with a map showing where all the works came from, flyers with all the web sites of the artists, the photo album, another hand out with images of the works in miniature with the names of the artists and the comment book which will be arriving back with the quilts. I only had time to read the comments from the first day and those were great!"
Sandra had an incredibly busy time at the show, and she wowed everyone with her ability to converse in four languages.   What a perfect person to curate an international exhibit.
This picture was taken by magazine editor Chantal Dupont.  You can see Log Canada at the back of the picture, to the left.  The picture was taken when the gallery was closed for mass on Sunday morning.
Sandra reports that the quilts are now all safely back in Canada and she is preparing for their upcoming exhibit at the Joshua Creek Heritage Centre in November.


  1. How exciting! That's almost as good as being there!

  2. Awesome!! : ) And yes that postcard photo is very patchwork friendly : )


  3. Oh wow! Talk about being featured! Your quilt really says 'Canada', so it was a good choice to put in the entrance.