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Sunday, 20 May 2012

We're happy to say that between a late night caper Friday night and an early one Saturday morning, the beehives are now out for pollination. They will remain in the blueberry fields for a couple of weeks until the blossoms are finished. It's always a relief when the hives are landed, as there is the potential for disaster when moving them. On the way to the field in Springhill Saturday morning, we passed these magnificent apple trees in full, multicolour bloom.
We guess that these are 5-in-1 trees, with different varieties grafted onto the same trunk, thus producing the varied blossom colour. The one in our backyard never blooms like this; each variety opens and matures at their own pace so that one branch comes into bloom as the other goes out. These trees are certainly showy.

Back home, Polly has discovered that she loves to dig in the dirt of the flower beds even more than she enjoys tunneling in the snow.


  1. Aren't those apple trees beautiful, what a sight! And you have white violets, aren't you lucky - they smell heavenly. Polly is having fun in your garden, that's for sure!

  2. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh imagine the wonderful applesauce.

  3. This is an official invitation to Polly to come and weed in my little flower garden. It needs so much attention, and you may be just the gal to start the digging

  4. Polly looks right at home in your garden. My little girls won't dig in my garden because it needs weeding and they don't like stepping through the weeds. Your flowers are pretty too.

  5. Your apple trees look marvelous. Rumor is we won't have many apples or other fruits here in WNY due to the late frosts that killed all the buds.