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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Polly's Little Chicken

A couple of weeks ago, I returned from an out of town trip to find that mischievous Polly had gotten into the bag of surprises intended for her Easter basket. (Sigh...yes... THE CAT'S EASTER BASKET!) She was having a grand time with this wind-up chick from the $ store.
She has played with it non-stop, carrying it all over the house - upstairs and down.

She likes to watch it walk (waddle, really).

The real fun starts when she catches it.

In fact, she has played with it so much hubby had to crazy glue the feet back on. It was $1 well spent, even if it arrived a bit shy of Easter.

For new readers to this blog, there are a couple of simple project tutorials from past years which may be of interest. There's a Patchwork Tidy Tray here, which can double as an Easter basket and a really quick and easy Easter Egg placemat. Enjoy!


  1. Sweet post - love the pictures of Polly!

  2. Love it!!! You are such a good "Kitty Mom"!!

  3. Oh Polly! I think you might be just a tiny bit spoiled!! I won't let Ollie see these photos or he'll be expecting an Easter Basket too....