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Friday, 5 August 2011

IQF Long Beach Pictures

Once again the long arm of the sisterhood of quilters has reached out and snapped the shutter on several cameras for me. I am grateful that quilters have such generous hearts. Here's a shot of the Convention Centre where the show was held last week.
Look at this carpet in the foyer - I can see this being a beautiful quilt design :)
My blog-friend Marilyn had emailed in advance that she would be working the show as a white-glover and would try to get into the O Canada exhibit to see my quilt if time permitted. When she got her post assignment prior to the show, guess where she had been placed to work? Yup - the O Canada exhibit. Kismet! If you'd like to see pictures from the show, check out Marilyn's and Angie's blogs. Angie even did a separate, special post named in my honour - now how cool is that ? *-)
Thanks to all who sent photos; it helps soothe the sting of not being able to attend and see one of my quilts hang in such a prestigious show.


  1. Quilters are really a great bunch of folks!