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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Stealth Quilting

I am working on a surprise quilt for a member of this household, so all work has to be done on the Q.T. Shhhhh...
I've found that if I mix the starch in the kitchen at dinnertime, everyone assumes I am making something extra special for our meal. I like to starch the back and the top of the quilt before basting. This backing fabric is a Maywood Studio print purchased at Dayle's last week. It was an already reasonable price per metre, plus they had a store-wide 15% off and no tax; you can't beat Dayle's for great prices on quality lines.With hubby's help, the quilt got pin basted in the wee small hours of Sunday morning while others slept. This was the first time hubby has been conscripted to baste; I don't think he was impressed. (Pay back time for some of those early morning bee capers he takes me on, I'd say *-)
I am free motion quilting the logs in the ditch. Well...mostly in the ditch. I'm AIMING for the ditch, put it that way; sometimes I get knocked off-track...
Like Cato in the Pink Panther movies, Polly appears at lightning speed out of nowhere to zoom across the end of the quilt. (Would this make it a "cat"-0 attack? *-).
(Please note: No animals were harmed in the making of this quilt! No need for horrified gasps that Polly's little paws may get caught under the sewing machine needle. Polly is NOT allowed in the room while the machine is running. Her inspections of the quilt are done only when the machine is turned off!)


  1. I can see that Polly is going to be a GREAT help to you. First official job: Inspector!!

  2. Hi, Linda... with those built-in needles (claws) we knew at once Polly was destined for either sewing or acupuncture.

  3. I have a roll of masking tape next to my sewing machine because I'm constantly cleaning cat hair off of my quilts. Even if the cats aren't sitting on them, their hair just magically appears all over them. Anyone receiving one of my quilts gets to share my cats as well. Nice to see Polly making herself at home.

  4. This quilt is going to be a beauty & soooooo
    loved if you're in the ditch or not. I'm so temped to quit my 1 yr challenge & run to Dayle's to look at, & no doubt buy, their new goods. Oh the temptations.
    And your Polly is the sweetest. Haven't showed her to Bob because the cat lover that he is will think we should be having one come to our door also.
    Keep up the great work & have a good day.
    A little extra rest time is also a good thing, since we all know how exhasting grad time can be.