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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Eastern Beauties

Despite moving at -what is for me - an unimaginably slow sewing pace, the Oriental New York Beauty blocks are progressing nicely. I picked up a light cream piece at Dayle's which helps liven up the darker gold background in the alternate blocks. There are only four more of these blocks left to piece before moving on to a different one for the centre.After each block is completed, I add it to the group and take the pile to the design wall to play with different layouts. I love twisting and turning them in all directions to see the various effects. The sewing would be moving along much more quickly without this diversion...but it wouldn't be near as much fun.


  1. Karen, your blocks are so beautiful! I love the dark blue outer arc. Can't wait to see them all together. The Oriental Treasure line is gorgeous.

  2. Those are going to be so stunning to see all together!!!

  3. Karen, Your NY Beauties are gorgeous - especially with the oriental fabric.

  4. So, are you using your Maritime Beauty pattern. I can't wait to see your oriental layout. Also, I'm glad the bees are active.

  5. Hi, Gail: No, this is not Maritime Beauty. This is a new one, as yet unnamed.
    It appears as though we are in for another busy bee season!