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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Summer Slow Down

With school over for the season, the home schedule changes and I try to go with the flow. It's nice to slow down a bit and do some fun projects. The socks are coming along nicely. I finished one of the thick, wool plum coloured ones and started in right away on the new wool. I will go back and finish the second plum sock later. The carnation coloured ones have the heel flap finished and are ready for the heel shaping. This is something I have to follow written directions for, row by row, so in the meantime cast on the blue/green yarn as I can do the leg by rote. Working socks this way makes them the perfect, portable hand project.
On the sewing front, I am using up some blue and white scraps to make a log cabin quilt. The whites will range in tone from pure white to light tan. It will be a twin size, 6 x 8 and thus requiring 48 blocks. The centres are half-square triangles, and the blocks will be joined together in a X setting. 27 blocks are pretty much complete, as well as all the centres. Using 1-1/2" strips makes the project a quick and enjoyable one. My deadline for this quilt is June, 2011; what a luxury to have so much time to work away on it.
My other projects for the summer so far include finishing an article for an upcoming edition of Quilter's Connection magazine, as well as stitching samples for the Meadow Song workshop to be presented at the N.S. Fibre Festival in October.


  1. Your socks are great! I am not having much luck with my sock knitting. I find it very difficult. But I will not give up!! And I love your log cabin colour combo. Reminds me of summer and blueberries.

  2. You make me laugh -- summer slowdown?? Seems like you're keeping pretty busy!