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Monday, 10 May 2010

Weekend Whirlwind

This weekend was a perfect example of the phrase "everything comes at once." Late Friday afternoon a big box of beautiful fabrics arrived from Benartex, needing to be designed and sewn into quilts for Quilt Market (which starts May 21st!). Before I had time to get my head around that, hubby arrived home with a new bee hive...
and a bunch of new queens for the hives we will split into two. Lots to do, plus time to pause and celebrate Mother's Day. Whew! However, by last night 3 hives were split (into 6) and one quilt top was completed. It's easy to let ourselves get overwhelmed by too much, but there are strategies we can use to make things easier on ourselves...most of which I've learned the hard way! Bev Crouse at Quilter's Net has asked me to write a post for her newsletter on Time Management. If you would like to read my quilter-oriented suggestions for fitting everything-and-then-some into your day, click here to sign up to receive the post.
I am off to baste and quilt. The fabric is s-o-o-o gorgeous. Naturally, I started with the balis!


  1. Hi Karen,
    Did you receive the fabric on Friday, and you already have a quilt top ready to baste & quilt? If so, you're my hero! I can't wait to see what you've come up with, the one you made with the Fossil Fern fabric was fabulous.

  2. Hi Karen - can't wait to hear your suggestions on time management. I definitely could use lots of help. You do manage to accomplish many things on a daily basis. Can't believe how little time you have to complete the challenge. You definitely are my hero too! Lucy

  3. You are such a tease!!! If you show me your fabric, I'll show you a beauty that I made but never showed on my blog!!!