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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Discovering Cricket Cove

Today was a trip to the Country Fields bee store outside of Moncton, New Brunswick to pick up some much needed frames and foundations for the very busy bees. As I knew we were heading to the city, I made a list of things which could not be purchased in Amherst. Hubby and I are big on buying locally when possible and make every effort to find what we need on this side of the border before we head out. As you may have guessed however, there are not an abundance of beekeeping stores around and we really enjoy our trips to Country Fields. After that, we headed to Mountain Road to check out a yarn shop I had scoped out online. Cricket Cove turned out to be a wonderfully well-stocked store with oodles of high-end gorgeous yarns of all types and descriptions. I'd hate to say how long I spent in this shop but I will certainly return. It was lovely, to say the least. I've been on the lookout for some new sock yarn. Slowly, the wool I picked up on the Island last summer is getting used up...slowly, as the thick yarn is not easy to knit and tires my hands. I love the colour, but the knitting has been a struggle. After a couple of months, I am only this far on the first sock: It was exciting to see all the sock yarns at Cricket Cove; they had a dedicated section devoted just to socks -everything from alpaca, cashmere, and merino wools to hand dyed and painted silk and wool blends. It was a struggle, but I managed to limit myself to yarn for 2 pairs. The first is a practical superwash wool infused with Aloe Vera called On Your Toes by Kertzer. I chose a pretty rose shade:
I couldn't resist this skein, aptly entitled "Yummy" by Fibranatura, a super soft Merino wool. My favourite shades of blue and green with a little mauve mixed in will be a pleasure to knit. Admittedly, this yarn was a bit of an indulgence for a practical girl like me but...won't they be gorgeous?
We also made a stop at Chapters in Dieppe to pick up a copy of the summer issue of A Needle Pulling Thread:
Inside this magazine is a review and excerpt from Canadian Heritage Quilting.
Then it was off to check on the bees who were happily at work in the sunshine. A good day for all.