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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Are The Days Really Getting Longer?

I keep hearing folks say this but I'm certainly not finding any more hours in mine...with spring here, there are even more things jockeying for our attention. The flower beds did get a quick once-over to remove a bit of mulch but I hesitate to bare the plants completely. Our Maritime weather is infamously changeable and can morph from sunshine to snow in a twinkling. Inside my workroom, I have been spending more time designing on the computer than actually doing any sewing. New York Beauty blocks never cease to fascinate and the designs generated in the last couple of weeks have mostly included variations of this gorgeous block. Yesterday I started sewing one of the new designs in some Benartex Fossil Fern. This is a great fabric to use with NYB's as the subtle colour changes in the cloth add movement and interest to an already lively block. My take-along sock knitting has reached great heights and 3 pairs have been completed already in 2010. This is a new personal best; my normal pace usually sees this many in a full year. I look forward to wearing the green ones in my bee boots this weekend.
Last summer, I purchased some heavy MacAusland's wool and have the cuff completed on one sock. I doubt these will fit in my boots but will make dandy bed socks for winter. The wool is a pretty plum shade and should work up very quickly.


  1. You're right about that fabric, it looks fantastic. NYB's are definitely on my to-do list - time to experiment with EQ6.
    Socks look great too! ♥

  2. Do you design all your NY Beauty colors on EQ6, prior to sewing? I ordered the Benartex templates for the NYB pattern after seeing them on your blog, and they are so easy to use!

  3. I do like the NYB colours. I wish I could knit socks. My daughter has wool socks on her Christmas list every year and they are expensive to buy.

  4. I love your knitted socks. That was my goals this year to learn how. What style of needles do you use? Which direction do you knit - top to bottom or bottom up? Maybe I will get the knack one of these days. They look so warm and comfortable. Dar

  5. Hi, Dar: I really enjoy the sock knitting (and the subsequent sock wearing!) These are done the old fashioned way on 4 double pointed needles, from the top down. The toes are grafted so there is no seam at the end, adding to the comfort.