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Friday, 14 August 2009

Paulette's Log Canada

It’s so enjoyable to have folks send pictures of quilts they’ve made of my designs. Sometimes almost identical colours and fabrics are used, and sometimes a quilter will put a unique spin on the project; such is the case here. This really interesting variation was created by Paulette Eccelston who lives clear across the county in British Columbia. Paulette is well-known to CQA members, having penned a column for many years for our quarterly newsletter, The Canadian Quilter. She is also a past recipient of the Dorothy McMurdie Award, Canada’s most prestigious quilting honour. You can read more about Paulette here.
Paulette sent along a photo of a wallhanging she made using my "Log Canada" pattern from Canadian Heritage Quilting as a jumping off point. She designed this piece to use as a teaching tool in a "Bits 'N Pieces (Scrap) class. The fabrics were chosen to represent the 4 seasons, which are very distinct in Canada. As in the original, red was chosen to pay homage to the maple leaf on our flag. As we celebrate Canada’s birthday on July 1, red is used in the summer block.

I really like the white tone-on-tone chosen for the background, as it makes me think of snow.

How very appropriate for Paulette to do a bit of flag-waving, as she has been a very strong voice in support of Canadian quilt designers.


  1. she did well! i like the four seasons idea.

  2. What a clever idea to make the piece reflect the four seasons. That's great!